hanging instructions

Strips are manufacured 46,50 cm wide. If the pattern reaches across more than one strip (panels), several strips are rolled onto one reel next to each other.
All strips are indentified by a number on their upper side. These strips must be applied in numerical order from left to right.
As a rule, each strip to follow has been turned through 180 to avoid any possible difference in colour.

If you don't intend to use up the entire height and/or width of the pattern, it is recommended to select in advance which section to use and where to start.
If possible, strips should be placed flat on the ground first. Prior to use, please check the wallcovering for possible defects or damage.
We don't accept any liability for strips once they have been attached to the wall
The surface must be dry, smooth, clean and of a uniformly absorbent quality.
Where patterns have a light-coloured basis, colour variations in the undercoat may shine through!.
Make sure to neutralize these variations first, for example, with a pigmented wallpaper-primer
Rough surfaces, holes and uneven spots should be levelled out.
Remove any residues of former wallpaper.

Spread the paste with a roller evenly across the wall and attach the dry wallpaper to the wall after it has been coated with the paste.
We recommand to use a special duty paste for non-woven.(Meytlan-Direct)
Apply the paste across an area slightly wider than than one strip.

Attach the first strip in a vertical direction and press it against the wall by means of a rubber roller or spatula to avoid possible air-bubbles. All following strips must be butt-jointed.
Alternatively, the wallpapercan be attached in the traditional way.
Paste the strips and attach them without leaving them to soak.
Carefully dab off possible paste blobs with a damp sponge immediately and dab dry.

This user guide is a recommendation only.
Please contact a competent person in case of doubt.